Artist in Residence


Weaving Back to Roots

Artist Sara Siestreem has several jobs, no cell phone and no car, allowing her to focus intently on what she cares about most.

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Golden Collaboration

Brown Cannon III and K.C. Lockrem’s are siblings who collaborate to create mixed-media art.

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The Portland King of Neon

Neon bending may be going the same way as forging Damascus steel and constructing Stradivari violins.


Steel-Toed Stiletto

Women are drawn to a pretty pair of heels—browsing department stores and boutiques for the perfect fit, the season’s latest trend, a pair of work-suitable kitten heels and so on. Micki Shampang-Voorhies is like most women, though noticeably different. Her own shoe collection, for example, is on the upside of a hundred pairs. Many of them she has never worn, nor ever will, because she considers high heels works of art. 

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The Soft Hammer

Where a coffee table might otherwise be in Dave Hanson’s living room, there is a hefty anvil mounted to a tree stump.


Mixing up the Medium

For artist Kathy Deggendorfer, relationships fuel her art. Her illustrative style captures moments, but each vibrantly painted scene is the culmination of connections. Currently, she is working on a commissioned piece destined for the grand entryway of St. Charles Cancer Center in Bend, slated to open June 15. The panoramic landscape will span the Cascade Range with Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Jefferson standing as monumental markers. Deggendorfer’s art is her bridge between exploration and community. She prepared for the St. Charles piece by scouting the space in the cancer center and then began knocking on doors of people who owned homes with mountain views, hoping she could sketch from there.   ” alt=”” /> photo by Tambi Lane She set out looking for beautiful farm country on her Illinois trip. Instead, she discovered vast tracts of land leased to corporate interests, heavily sprayed by fertilizer trucks and watered by the…


A Body of Work

ARTIST NATALIE FLETCHER is keenly aware of local weather patterns. A bright, sunny day could leave her models vulnerable to sunburn or dehydration. She studies cloud migrations and shadows carefully. If they are changing too rapidly, her canvas—human flesh—could easily reflect a moment that has passed once a piece is complete and ready to be photographed. photo by Meg Roussos Fletcher, 28, uses body makeup to transform her models into vistas of cloud cover, mountain peaks and winding highway. Photographic prints of her work show human forms merging into their surroundings to stunning effect—a woman becomes a handsome aspen tree and a sprawling meadow; a man resting his hand on a surfboard becomes part of a sandy beachscape, with its frothy sea and jagged coastline. Though her finished models are an arresting sight, the draw for Fletcher is the interaction with her models. Helping a person metamorphose into art is…