Artist in Residence

john simpkins

Painting Big in the Playa

In the foothills of the Steens Mountain and minutes away from the playa of the Alvord Desert, John Simpkins paints in a one-room schoolhouse in the ghost town of Andrews.

Art from War

Out of clay, veterans at the LH Project, an artist residency in Joseph, shape vases and grenade-shaped teapots, targets and canteens.


Talking About Color

When teenage Arvie Smith walked into the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, he couldn’t get past the receptionist.


Of Ink and Accidents

Portland artist Ursula Barton has made a career built on spilled ink.

analee fuentes, eugene pavlov, willamette valley, oregon artist

Skeletal Celebration

A tall charcoal drawing hangs prominently in the dining room of Analee Fuentes’ Coburg home.