Oregon Travel: Bend

Home to good microbrews, good trails, and good paddling, Bend is a vibrant outpost settled on the high desert just east of the volcanic Cascade Range.

Summer Wine Guide

We spoke to people all over the state to get the buzz on the industry, parsed out by major growing regions.


Summit Structures

The summer of 1910 was a devastating season for Oregon’s wilderness.


Ideas for Spring Break in Oregon

Need last minute inspiration for Oregon adventures to take this spring? Here are five stories from 1859’s archives to get you out the door.


Oregon Travel: Brookings

In the southwest corner of Oregon, six miles from the California border, is unpretentious Brookings.


Over the River, Through the Woods, to the Pacific Ocean

Nestled in the western slopes of the Cascades, Highway 20 emerges from the Willamette National Forest like a serpentine asphalt stream leading up to Cascadia, where American Indian lore takes the form of petroglyphs at the Cascadia Cave in Cascadia State Park.


From Where I Stand: Silver Lake

Silver Lake resident Angel Roscoe loves country life and runs Cowboy Dinner Tree, one of the most famous remote restaurants in Oregon.