Category: Things to do in Oregon

Unusual Sauna, Just Add Beer

This February, Central Oregon took its beer-centric reputation to a new level by opening a beer spa in Sisters.

Crack in the Ground

Crack in the Ground is a 2-mile-long fissure on the surface of the earth, caused by eruptions in the Four…

Crafty Cafeteria

With a grand opening of May 1, Pine Street Market became Portland’s first high-end, curated food hall, located in the…

Guiding Sailors Home

A nautical pitstop in Portland en route to the coast.

14 Reasons Why We Love Oregon

In honor of Oregon's 157th birthday on February 14, we're sharing fourteen reasons why we love our state. 

Waiting for Bigfoot

For more than forty years, a ten-by-ten-foot wooden box has been sitting deep in the heart of the Siskiyou National…

Don’t Call it a Zamboni

The Bill Collier Community Ice Arena is named after a local man who, for many years, personally maintained a local…

History Hangs in the Balance in Wallowa County

When a historic lodge was put on the market in eastern Oregon, 10 community members found a way to keep…

Travel Spotlight: Port Orford’s Prehistoric Gardens

photo by Gary Randall While other families in the 1950s were running out to the suburbs, E.V. “Ernie” Nelson dreamed…

Couples Getaways in Oregon

Oregon, with all its diverse glory, has myriad options for the couple looking to get away.  From sumptuous sensory experiences…



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