Category: Outdoors

Adventure Abounds at Waldo Lake

Hiking, biking, paddling and stargazing during a weekend at Waldo Lake.

What They Talk About When They Talk About Skydiving

Don’t call it jumping out of a plane.

Fighting Oregon’s Wildfires

Evan Soto is one of the thousands of wildland firefighters who protect our forests in Oregon each summer.

Linsey Corbin is a Five-Time Ironman Champion

Professional triathlete Linsey Corbin on what keeps her going.

Kiteboarder Alex Fox is Tethered to the Sea and Sky

They say the worst day on the water is better than any day in the office, unless that day involves…

Exploring the National Parks “Circle of Discovery”

On its centennial birthday, the National Park Service offers a good way for adventurers in the Pacific Northwest to explore.

Spelunking Caves in the Pacific Northwest

Photographer Ben Herndon captures Oregon's hidden caves.

Floating Downstream on Oregon’s Rivers

When the weather heats up and Oregon’s rivers become swimmable, blow up your inflatable device and set aside a day…

Butte-iful Oregon Hikes

Whether you’re looking for a quick morning hike or an all-day trek, climbing Oregon’s buttes provides some of the best…

Oregon Products to Take Camping

‘Tis the season to pitch a tent, start a campfire and relax in a hammock under the stars.



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