14 Photos From Our Oregon Community

In November 2016, we reintroduced the Oregon Postcard contest. These are some of our favorite submissions so far.

An Athlete Who Cares for Athletes

Oregon gave Dr. Jeffery Holmboe plenty of opportunity to practice his specialty. In doing so, he sacrificed his health for…

Adventures Without Limits

Adventures Without Limits takes elderly, disabled and underrepresented populations into nature to show them how to do what they didn’t…

Hiking Into Opal Creek Wilderness

This area was off the grid. No cell coverage. No roadside assistance. Once I reached the Opal Creek trailhead’s parking…

Travel Spotlight: Cougar Hot Springs

Five cascading pools of milky blue water flow down the hill and make up Terwilliger Hot Springs, more commonly called…

Behind-the-Scenes Moments in Oregon’s Backcountry

Behind-the-scenes moments in Oregon’s backcountry often go unseen. Photographer Tyler Roemer managed to document these moments.

Oregon’s Extreme Getaways

For those who like to live on the adventurous side, these extreme getaways take you into the depths of Oregon,…

Snowshoeing at Oregon’s Only National Park

Crater Lake National Park offers ranger-led snowshoe tours each winter, starting in November and ending in May—completely free of charge.

The Geothermal Mystique of Summer Lake Hot Springs

Reset and recharge in the Oregon Outback with mineral pools, stargazing and ancient archeology.

Autumn Surfing

Then I remembered the point of all this—the joy of being in the water, among waves, surrounded by cliffs and…



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