Tommy Ford – U.S. Ski Team

U.S. Alpine Ski Team member Tommy Ford talks about his first season on the World Cup, being in college, and growing up in Bend.


Backpacking the Steens

The Steens are not what you think. To most drivers-by, The Steens appear to be an endless medley of sagebrush and volcanic basalt set into a desert scalp of blonde grasses. If you never set fool’s foot outside of your car, that description will play nicely.


Life on the Rogue

Rounding a bend in the Rogue River’s Wild and Scenic section near Winkle Bar, rafter and guide Eddy Miller pointed to a clearing on a hillside along the river’s northern banks. “There,’ he pointed, “is Happy Hill.’


Two Oregon Quarterbacks, One Goal

Oregon State University quarterback Ryan Katz and University of Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas make predictions for the 2011 football season in our Autumn 2011 Athlete Profile. While Katz believes his team has something to prove, Thomas hopes to be in the national championship. Either way, both hope to come out winners.


Oregon Golf Adventure

What happens when you bring together three golfers and a golf agnostic for three days in an all-Oregon gonzo marathon in May? The following is a 3,500-word answer with epiphanies, miracles, a time travel machine, rain, sun and, of course, golf.


Bike-to-Brew Guide

Without question, Oregon has earned a worldwide reputation for its craft brewing industry and craft beers. What started with a few Portland area brewers has spread to include more than one hundred microbreweries in a state many now lovingly call “Beervana.” Integral to Beervana are its many public houses, where ales and lagers find good company with comfort food.


Triathlete Mackenzie Madison

Triathlete and Eugene resident Mackenzie Madison gives us insight into the chaotic world of competition.


Jason Mitchell’s Oregon

Banker by day, photographer by passion, Jason Mitchell brings us these images of his Oregon.


Oregon Ski Guide

Oregon’s rich snowsport history is full of larger-than-life characters and ski areas in dramatic settings. It’s a history that begins with Norwegian and Swedish loggers, arriving in the early 1900s with their cross-country skis, and spans the heyday of alpine skiing in the 1950s and 1960s to present-day snowboarders and freeriders. Along with each area’s history and statistics, we asked insiders to offer tips on how to ski and ride their local resort.