Oregon’s Lighthouse Legacy

Whether you’re a foodie, a dune rider or a tide-pool explorer, these coastal lighthouses will guide you toward your own discoveries along the Central Oregon Coast.

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Top Hot Springs in Oregon to Visit this Spring

It’s nature’s other champagne, springing from the earth, from the depths of its lava-heated heart, summoned to the surface, where we (made of ninety-eight-point-six-degree water) sense the greater warmth, the minerals, the solace, the comfort, and immerse …


Athlete Profile

Stephanie Howe   photo by Jeff Kennedy SPORT Ultra Running HOMETOWN Bend AGE 30 TEAM The North Face Ultramarathon Team Schedule Chuckanut 50k, March 15 Lake Sonoma 50 miler, April 12 Western States 100, June 28 The North Face 50 mile Endurance Championship, December 6 Other possibilities (depending on how I recover from my 100 miler): Squamish 50 mile August 15, and Run the Rut 50k September 13. When did you start running ultramarathons? In 2011, I signed up for the Flagline 50k in Bend on a whim the night before the race. I was illprepared, suffered greatly through the race, and finished as the USATF 50k national champion runner-up. I was hooked. What is the most demanding aspect of running ultras? The races are so long and really take a toll on the body. The recovery period following an ultra is much longer than a shorter race. I don’t…


Laurenne Ross

Laurenne Ross of Bend just landed in Sochi, after qualifying to race in super combined, downhill and super-G events. When we caught up with her earlier, she talked about how getting to Sochi was going to be tough. Find out why in our interview with Ross, who grew up skiing at Mt. Bachelor, and even check out a video of this 25-year-old renaissance woman’s guitar and vocal talents. Once you do, we’re betting you’re going to want to follow her performance in the games.


No Winter Doldrums on Oregon’s Highest Mountain

Fun at Mt. Hood Meadows with 3-out-of-5 Day Lift Tickets for $99
From gentle beginner slopes, stellar intermediate cruising and steep pitches of powder, Mt. Hood Meadows is undeniably one of the Northwest’s premier spots to head to now, especially considering all the ways to round out a visit — world renowned craft brews and wines, local cuisine with some of America’s finest ingredients, cool music venues and great inns, B&Bs and romantic and boutique hotels. 

Winter Hikes

written by Eric Flowers As rain or snow falls outside the window, hiking is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind. Thanks to Oregon’s incredibly diverse climate and geography, however, there’s no need for those who love the outdoors to let their trekking gear gather dust during the off-season. From the Oregon Coast to the Owyhee Canyon, there are dozens upon dozens of great escapes from the winter doldrums. We’ve put together a snapshot of some of the trails and destinations that highlight Oregon’s incredible geographic diversity. We’ve included some short roadside hikes to viewpoints such as Wahkeena Falls in the Columbia Gorge, some longer routes such as Otter Bench in Central Oregon and DIY options such as the remote and largely untapped Leslie Gulch in far Eastern Oregon, where visitors are invited to blaze their own trails. Pack your favorite fleece, some rain gear, lots of water,…


Oregon Travel: Mt. Hood

On September 28, 1937, an entourage of hundreds of dignitaries and craftsmen assembled on the south flank of Mt. Hood. History was in the making from what had just been made. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife rolled up the winding dirt road through the Ponderosa pines, and as the auto swung around the final curve, the massive and new symbol of his administration’s policies came into view.

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Pioneer Woman

written by Kevin Max IN A WAY, IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE THAT ROSE FORSTER HOWE WOULD END UP BECOMING a medical technician, English riding instructor, butcher, fromager and soaper on a remote ranch in Eastern Oregon. True, the path there was a bit unexpected. But life doesn’t always travel in straight lines. Video by Kevin Max The night before I left to visit Rose and her husband, Darrell, in Monument, Oregon, I had memorized the route, not wanting to trot out my mobile phone in the quiet hills that rolled up to the north and middle forks of the John Day River. I’d be damned if I was going to resort to a GPS-enabled map to tell me how to get there. This scheme worked, too. Almost. I knew Rose primarily from her Facebook posts, which is to say not at all. There were entries such as, “Dropped off a…


Gary Randall’s Oregon

GARY RANDALL GOT HIS FIRST CAMERA when he was a boy in 1964. He began shooting and developing black and white film while in his 20s before making the leap into digital photography in his 40s. He has dabbled in many media forms, including painting, drawing, carving stone.