Hamilton Mountain Loop

If you like waterfalls, views of the magnificent and historic Columbia River Gorge, steep cliffs, lush hemlock forests and summer wildflowers, try Hamilton Mountain in Washington. Compared to other well-trodden trails in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, this hike is less crowded. An hour’s drive from downtown Portland, the trailhead off Highway 14 at Beacon Rock State Park is easy to access and has good parking (Discover Pass required).


Green Lakes

The Green Lakes-Soda Creek Loop west of Bend is a “quick hit playground for a two-hour run or a place to expose your kids to a backpacking experience,” said John Sterling, executive director of the Conservation Alliance. With an office in Bend, the alliance represents almost 200 outdoor companies, such as REI, North Face and Patagonia, and gives millions of dollars to protect North America’s wild places for their habitat and recreation values. 


Table Rocks

A top-of-the-world feeling and staring down a turkey vulture are two of Molly Morrison’s favorite experiences at Lower Table Rock north of Medford. “There are fantastic 360-degree views of the entire Rogue River Valley on top, and raptors soar close to the cliff, almost looking you in the eye,” said Morrison, with The Nature Conservancy in Oregon.


From Where I Stand: John Day

I grew up in Oregon, then lived in Silicon Valley among other places, but was drawn to the John Day area when some friends bought property here, and I saw the appeal of life without traffic lights (okay, we have one).


Snowmobile Cultures

THERE ARE 6,410 MILES OF SNOWMOBILE TRAILS in Oregon winding throughout the Oregon Cascade wilderness toward John Day and up into the northeastern corner of the state. The vast network provides numerous options for day trips and weekend excursions, as well as remote backcountry exploration for those who go from machine to skis or snowshoes.


Anne Sanguinetti

I think what motivated me to get into horse racing as an actual participant rather than as just a fan was a desire to make a living riding horses. I had been riding since I was 5, but I didn’t really have the ability or even desire to be a top show jumping rider or a professional horse trainer in the hunterjumper world. I realized that my personality and physical size were much better suited to racing.