Oregon Postcard


Danielle Skinner

Ready to Fall by Danielle Skinner This old farmhouse on the outskirts of Forest Grove is being held up by the tree it leans against. A fire in the late ’90s destroyed most of the structure, but for now it still withstands nature’s forces. Danielle captured the leaning wonder earlier this autumn.


Oregon Postcard: Paul Miller

Rusty Rodder by Paul Miller Somewhere out behind Harmony, Oregon. There’s the homestead, and then the ride. I was sincerely impressed. Considering the appearance, it might have been modified by a kid or two from yesterdays era, when the chrome was thick. Shot in manual, with a Canon 5D Markiii. Two 600ex-rt flashes were used, just for a tad bit of spunk, giving the rust bucket some well deserved sex appeal.


Oregon Postcard: Dean Artis

Wahclella Falls, Columbia River Gorge by Dean Artis Wahclella Falls is on Tanner Creek, near Bonneville Dam just 40 miles from Portland. It is a relatively easy two mile round trip hike. When we reached the falls, I noticed a nice vantage point atop a huge boulder where I took this photo. I very carefully scaled the large boulder even though my left arm was in a cast after elbow surgery.


Oregon Postcard: Maryanne Gobble

Indian Sands by Maryanne Gobble  Self portrait at Indian Sands just north of Brookings, OR. Tripod, remote release, Canon t5i camera. I swear no one ever goes here. I just shot a whole series of color landscapes in the fog my last visit.


Oregon Postcard: Chris Theison

Hells Canyon Lookout by Chris Theison This pic is from a recent trip to eastern Oregon. It was taken from a fire lookout tower in Hells Canyon looking over the Snake River! Magnificent!


Oregon Postcard: Melissa Whitney

High Desert Homestead Melissa Whitney This photo was taken near Dufur, Oregon with my “old” but trusty Nikon D80. It was shot in manual with premo shooting conditions. There are so many homes like this in that area that make one wonder who used to live there, and what their story was. These old homesteads seem to resurrect an inner pioneer in me that keep me searching for the next hidden gem in this sometimes bleak yet beautiful countryside. Kind of like the Goonies in search of One-Eyed Willy’s treasure.


Oregon Postcard: Wesley Chancellor

Sparks of Divine  by Wesley Chancellor Wesley Chancellor, 31, of Portland captured this image of a kayaker at Sparks Lake in Central Oregon during a recent camping trip.


Oregon Postcard: Corey Bruce

Scouting the Lineup by Corey Bruce My two buddies, Micah and Brian scoping out the waves on a late spring surf session at Oswald West.