Oregon Business: Marketing Tips From Kevin Getch

An Interview with Kevin Getch Written by Kelly Rogers Webfor founder, director of digital strategy and president of the Board of Directors for SEMpdx, Kevin Getch is the man to talk to if you’re ever in need of some digital marketing insight. We had an opportunity to sit down with Kevin during the Engage Marketing Conference PDX last week. His affinity for the entrepreneurial spirit and getting people out of their comfort zone is what drives him and continues to grow his business. With an amazing team of people by his side and clients who are great to work with, he’s happy to have made the switch from the corporate environment to this new SEO world he’s created. When and why did you decide to start Webfor? I have been a huge fan of psychology and marketing in general for a long time and have been in the marketing industry…

Exotic Boise Cocktails

Best known for its charming basque district, innovative college football team and easy access to the outdoors, Boise is also earning a well-deserved reputation as a place to get one hell of a cocktail. Planning a trip to Treefort? Heading over for the first rounds of the NCAA tournament? Just looking for a great food and drink scene that’s not a pretentious mess? Hello Boise. 

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1859 Gift Guide

1859 Holiday Gift Guide

Our top gift guide picks for the holidays Each year we round up our ultimate Oregon product favorites from around the state to help you with your gift giving for the holiday season. Gifts for the Entertainer   1. PENDLETON YAKIMA CAMP THROW BLANKET www.pendleton-usa.com ( $99.50 ) 2. THE JOINERY HEX CANDLE HOLDERS www.thejoinery.com ( $23 each ) 3. OLYMPIA PROVISIONS EURO ENTERTAINER BOX www.olympiaprovisions.com ( $125 ) 4. WILD ROOTS INFUSED VODKA www.wildrootsspirits.com ( $26.99 per bottle ) 5. FOLK BRONZE BOTTLE OPENER www.folkbuilt.com ( $34 ) 6. REVEREND NAT’S HARD CIDER www.reverendnatshardcider.com ( $8 per bottle ) 7. RAFT BOTANICALS MIXING SYRUPS www.impropergoods.com ( $15 each ) 8. KIRIKO FABRIC COASTERS www.kirikomade.com ( $35 ) 9. BENGSTON WOODWORKS LARGE CUTTING BOARD www.bengstonwoodworks.bigcartel.com ( $85 ) For the Thrill Seeker 1. CAIRN ORIGINAL SUBSCRIPTION BOX www.getcairn.com ( $29.95 per month ) 2. NORTH STREET FLANDERS BACKPACK www.northstbags.com ( $199.99…