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Founded in 2009, Statehood Media is an Oregon-based publishing company that brings brands together with lifestyle content. Its flagship is 1859 Oregon’s Magazine.

About 1859 Oregon’s Magazine

Where else in the world can you drive four hours and surf the coast, hike beneath waterfalls in a temperate rainforest, cycle across a high desert and camp in a Forest Service hut beneath a ponderosa canopy? Oregon is an amazing state, and it attracts creative people who lead interesting lives. We’re pioneers in the sustainable movement, we’re bike geeks and techies, Native Americans and cowboys, financiers and vintners. We’re urban, suburban, rural and ranch. This is our Oregon and she flies with her own wings, alis volat propiis.

In the year 1859, Oregon was admitted to the Union as its 33rd state. That same year, Henry Green and Washington Irving founded the Portland Gas Light Company, with its shipment of lights arriving a year later from New York to illuminate the streets of Portland for the first time. A decade later, Oregon’s first lighthouse at Cape Blanco opened its eye to guide ships along the perilous Oregon coast.

In 2009, Oregon’s first statewide cultural magazine was born with 1859 to shine a light on Oregon’s cultural riches, exploring the people and the places that make our state one of the world’s hidden treasures. Originally a quarterly publication, 1859 transitioned to a bi-monthly magazine with the July | August 2012 issue. 1859 became a monthly magazine in July 2016.

In an intelligent and beautiful format, 1859 explores the landscapes, the personalities, the movers and shakers, the history and the architecture that is the jewel of the Pacific Northwest. For Oregonians, 1859 is one representation of the state’s rich history, it’s incredible destinations and colorful personalities.

Departments such as “What I’m Working On,” “Game Changers” and “Sound Off” resonate with residents of Oregon. Departments such as “Road Reconsidered,” “Trip Planner” and “Adventures” are visual and editorial pollen that attracts the travel bee.

Come with us and, through photography, design, word and wit, we’ll explore the Pacific Northwest’s vast cultural, topographic, social and sustainable treasures.

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