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Honey-Brined Roasted Turkey Recipe


A recipe for honey-brined roasted turkey from our home grown chef written by Thor Erickson  | photography by Charlotte Dupont Ah, honey—the sweet, viscous gold crafted by winged artisans. roughout history, this culinary treasure has been revered—used to anoint kings at birth, nurture them through life, and preserve their bodies when they died. Many civilizations have relied on honey not only for its sweetness, but also for its healing properties. As a child, I suffered from severe hayfever. After a few years of useless antihistamine shots, my mother heard from a local macramé maker (it was the ’70s, after all) that raw honey was a great natural cure for hay fever. After some searching, she found some local honey. My mom paid the hefty price of $15 a gallon and made me swear not to tell anyone about it. (Unlike the kings anointed with the stuff, it didn’t fit my family’s modest budget.) The…


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Mind and Body: Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Xuan Cheng


Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Xuan Cheng keeps raising the bar with hard work and training written by Mackenzie Wilson Since she was a little girl living in China, Xuan Cheng, 33, has been familiar with call times. At 10 years old, she left home to attend the School of Guangzhou Ballet of China, where she and other aspiring ballerinas started their days with a rigorous hour-and-a-half workout at 5:30 a.m. “We were like a little army,” Cheng said. She doesn’t sugar coat the school’s strictness—snacks weren’t allowed and neither were family visits. Cheng’s family lived five-and-a-half hours away by train and she saw them once or twice a year. The only relief from the isolation was a five-minute phone call once a week to loved ones. Now a principal dancer for the Oregon Ballet Theatre, Cheng can appreciate the level of discipline it took to push her and the other students…


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A Wine Country Thanksgiving


Gastronomy: A Wine Country Thanksgiving in the Willamette Valley written by Jen Stevenson Eschew the mall madness and super sale insanity of Black Friday in favor of a far more elegant and enjoyable holiday season kickoff—the Willamette Valley’s 36th annual Wine Country Thanksgiving. From Friday, November 23, to Sunday, November 25, more than 150 participating wineries from Appolloni to Antiquum will feature special tastings, festive flights, food pairings, live music, winemaker meet-and-greets, artisan markets and holiday discounts, because nothing fills out a stocking better than a bottle of Dundee Hills pinot noir. With the mad scramble of harvest a near-distant memory, brilliantly hued fall foliage still clinging to the vines, and the worst of winter gales still to come, this is one of the best times of year to visit the valley. Make a weekend of it with a romantic retreat at Newberg’s tony Allison Inn and Spa, or the Atticus…

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