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Oregon Innovators Then and Now


A look back, and ahead, at Oregon Innovators written by James Sinks In the yellowed pages of history, the promise of Oregon Innovators bade explorers to plunge headlong into the rugged—and often damp— frontier. It was no place for fear of the unknown. at same unforgiving ethos goes for the Oregon trailblazers of the business sort. “ The cowards never started and the weak died along the way,” said Nike co-founder Phil Knight, in his bestselling memoir, Shoe Dog.  The Oregon economy of today has been shaped by big thinkers, like Knight and others, whose ideas and dogged tenacity created opportunities and jobs by the thousands, spawned spinoffs, saved lives and—to help all of us celebrate more effectively—made vineyards more productive. Of course, some Oregon inventions are just plain fun, and tasty. The beanbag Hacky Sack that helped occupy the time of countless college students before dating apps? Created in 1972 in…

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The Campout Cookbook


The Campout Cookbook offers tips and tricks to up the fun on your next foray into the wilderness interview by Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson While kicking around ideas for their second cookbook, The Campout Cookbook, Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson, the IACP-award-winning authors of The Picnic, kept coming back to their favorite childhood food memories, many of which happened to involve a campfire. The result is The Campout Cookbook, a collection of more than 100 recipes designed to keep campers sated from the moment they pile into the station wagon to the final breakfast before the rubber hits the road. Here, the co-authors discuss the ins and eats of their writing process. MH: You camped quite a bit growing up. Did you ever imagine you’d write a cookbook about it? JS: Never in a million years. But looking back, it actually makes a lot of sense. We took very,…


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Top 3 Outdoor Thrills in Southern Oregon


Here are the top 3 outdoor thrills to experience in Southern Oregon sponsored content provided by Visit Medford Southern Oregon is an amazing place, from the moment you land in Medford, you’re surrounded by adventure on all sides. If you like the water, you can hit the rapids. Or grab your favorite hiking shoes and take to the mountains. You can also fly…On a zip line, of course. If you’re thirsty for thrills, embrace the rogue spirit and start your next Southern Oregon adventure! Zip It Good Soar across the sky on a zip line and watch the ground race by below your dangling feet. The wind snatches your breath away and it’s easy to imagine your toes touching the treetops. Tucked away in the historic gold mining hills of Southern Oregon, Rogue Valley ZipLine Adventure brings summer fun to sky-high levels. Hike It – One Step At A Time…

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