Romantic Getaways for 6 Types of Lovers

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1859 Oregon’s Magazine Reader Survey

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Form, Function, Financially Fit & Fabulous

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Of Fermentation and Equity

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Adventure, Exploration and Experience in Oregon
Wanderlust Tours leads snowshoe trips by the light of the sun, stars, moon or bonfire.

Fire + Ice = Love


A recipe for winter fun in Bend, from mellow to adrenaline-laced, or both written by Adam Thorn Smith If Oregon is a dartboard of adventures, Bend is the bullseye—dead center, dedicated to the outdoors, and destiny to adrenaline junkies. In this high desert town, people surf water and land, from river wave to snow-clad volcano. Wild mountains, streams, forests, caves and cliffs are top targets year-round. But, you can put the mild side of Bend in your sights too. Historic downtown is a rustic-hip center of food, drink, music, softly lit streets and riverside strolls. Festivals, fundraisers, concerts and markets populate the calendar. Boutique lodging and pro outfitters offer amenities and excursions suited to novice explorers and those who prefer endorphins over adrenaline. Of all the seasonal regional getaways in Oregon, winter in the state’s center is among the best. Getting there is part of the experience. If you’re coming…


All the Best of Life in Oregon
Tacos with fresh rockfish, plentiful year-round, offer a winter getaway for the palate.

A Rockfish by Any Other Name


written by Thor Ericksonphotography by Tambi Lane Order rockfish at a restaurant in New York, and you’ll likely get a striped bass. Place the same order in California, and you could end up with a vermilion rockfish. Here in Oregon, rockfish can be anything from quillback, pygmy, shortbelly, longspine, yellow-eye, to widow, canary, chilipepper, thornyhead and the old standby—red snapper. Oregon sport and commercial fishermen regularly catch more than twenty-five species of rockfish. Many of these rockfish have similar characteristics and are difficult to tell apart. According to the Food and Drug Administration, a single fish species can go by multiple names from the time it’s caught until the time it ends up on your plate, and many kinds of fish can legally be sold under a single name. The good news is that all these species of Oregon rockfish taste relatively the same. The flesh is versatile and can…


Business, Art, Intellect, Ideas and Inventions in Oregon
Founder Robert Seidel at The Essential Oil Company in Portland.

Aromatic Quest


The scent of balsam fir propelled a forestry student to build a company based on essential oils written by Seamus Casey photography by Dan Hawk Robert Seidel was studying forestry in New York in the 1970s when he encountered the aroma of balsam fir. This set off a “quest” for the extraction of aromatic compounds from natural products and, later, designing his own distillation equipment. He learned everything he could find on the topic and then, at Powell’s Books, found a six-volume set of books, The Essential Oils by Ernest Guenther. “I devoured all six volumes and still use that set of books today.” “I started my business in 1977 with the goal of supplying true essential oils to the consumer, the herbalists, soap makers and candle makers,” Seidel said. The Essential Oil Company, based in Portland, imports the majority of its essential oils from around the world—rose from Bulgaria…

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