How to make your house a green and clean place to live: from daylighting to tax incentives.

Clean Rivers

3/3/2014 Oregon is known as a leader in sustainability, and cities around the world are looking to rainy Portland for stormwater management. The city's elaborate bioswale systems typically take the form of curbside ... Read more>>

John DeVoe of WaterWatch, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting Oregon rivers, and which was instrumental in one of the most significant river restoration campaigns in the nation. 
Photo by Andrea Lorimor

How the West Won its Water Back

10/23/2013 WaterWatch protects Oregon’s rivers. Read more>>

Corey and Deb Omey in their remodeled kitchen with an inlaid backgammon board. /
Photo by Dina Avila

Energy Efficiency in Two Oregon Homes

1/1/2012 In 2006, Corey Omey and his new bride, Deb, drew an ambitious set of plans for her 995-square-foot, 1925 cottage in the Overlook neighborhood. Their goal was to create a more energy efficient home with ... Read more>>

Between industrial and country lies an ocean of difference—and a stunning compromise. /
Photo by Neil Kelly Design

Fusion in Two Kitchen Remodels

10/1/2011 When Greg and Lisa Waggoner began plans to remodel their house, they knew they wanted their home to be a harmonious blend between rustic country style and industrial modern chic. Greg had worked for years ... Read more>>

Emily and Doug Boleyn outside their net zero energy house in Happy Valley.

Two Solar Homes in Oregon

We investigate two homes, one in Hood River and the other in Happy Valley, who chose to go eco-friendly while saving money by harnessing energy from the sun. Read more>>

Coastal Home Goes Green

4/1/2011 For most people, integrating reclaimed wood into a new home isn't personal. For Terry and Teresa Hancock, the choice to include Douglas fir timbers for the columns and beams of their Neskowin beach cabin ... Read more>>

Jeff Pickhardt residence on the western edge of Bend.

Simple Living in Central Oregon

7/1/2009 On the western edge of Bend, where forest and old burn areas converge, and where a city park and a private subdivision meet, sits a modern house nestled into a hill, sheltered against the wind but open ... Read more>>

Kitchen and dining room of the St. John and Chisholm residence. /
Photo by Joni Kabana

Sustainable Design in Two Oregon Homes

1/1/2010 Sustainable design and low-impact living in two small Oregon homes. Two of the most important considerations are building small and using the right "Finish-ing" elements. Read more>>

Lizzie and Dan Rubado working in their garden outside of their  green  residence.
Photo by Paula Watts

Green Lifestyle

10/1/2009 When Lizzie and Dan Rubado bought their Portland house two years ago, the only thing that was green about it was the mold on the carpet. But with a tiny budget and help from their family and friends, the ... Read more>>

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