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Taste Oregon Wine Pioneers: The Elk Cove Story

4/4/2014 Whether you’re falling in love with Oregon’s wild, dramatic landscape for the first time, or you consider it an essential part of who you are, seeing it is one thing. To fully know it, one ... Read more>>

Independence Day in the City of the Same Name

7/3/2013 Discover one of the best spots for taking the pulse of the state’s fourth of July celebratory spirit. Read more>>

King Arthur

1/1/2013 The life of Oregon's amazing chess grandmaster, Arthur Dake. Read more>>

Oregon: Fact or Fiction

11/1/2012 What is Oregon really known for and does it square with reality? Read more>>

The Megler Bridge outside of Astoria. / Photo by Peter Murphy

U.S. 30: The River's Road

11/1/2012 Highway 30 runs from the industiral parks of west Portland to the beautiful coastal community of Astoria. Read more>>

Haunted Oregon

Spirits of the past are present everywhere. They dwell in our lands, haunt our historic buildings and cemeteries, and inhabit our songs, literature, films and holy texts. From ancient Egypt to today’s ... Read more>>

Chinese mine boss in Jacksonville. Date unknown. / Courtesy of Oregon Historical Society

Perserverence: The Journey of Chinese in Oregon

7/1/2012 From their table at the Golden Horse Restaurant in Portland’s Chinatown, Mary Leong, a youthful 90 year old, and Fred Wong, equally spry at 87, can glance in any direction and the memories come ... Read more>>

Two rearing mustangs face off with each other.

Steens Wild Horses

9/1/2012 It was February 2010, and absolutely spitting snow and rain—typical for southeastern Oregon. My husband, Farrel, and I had driven over to the Burns Wild Horse Corrals for a mustang adoption. Arriving ... Read more>>

Rodeo clown Doak dodges a bull at the 1973 Pendleton Round-up

Rodeo Life: Buffoonery, Bulls and Bravery

7/1/2012 Rodeo clowns are actors performing dangerous improvisational theater before live audiences. Wearing multicolored masks layered in gaudy grease paint, they symbolize ancient Greek muses. Protecting and ... Read more>>

A farmhouse in Maupin. / Photo by Peter Murphy

Highway 197 from The Dalles to Maupin

7/1/2012 Southbound out of The Dalles, Highway 197 turns up from the Columbia River, curving through the gently rolling terrain of the upper Columbia Gorge. Leaving the National Scenic Area at about milepost 3, ... Read more>>

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