05:13 pm - Tue, August 28 2012
Rich Green said:
Very much enjoyed the pictorial and story!! Thanks so much for doing that and sharing it.
05:52 am - Thu, August 30 2012
Lisa said:
Wonderful text, video and photos! Thanks so much for sharing this. Not only was it amazing to see the beginnings of the wonderful river I've come to love so much, but seeing your face and hearing your voice Duncan, was fabulous!
08:30 pm - Wed, September 5 2012
Holly Knight said:
Duncan is a visionary with the heart of a poet and the eye of a photographer. I hope he will consider coming to Eugene to share his journey. All best wishes.
02:03 pm - Sun, September 23 2012
Stephen Ramey said:
Inspiring. Like to do it some day myself.
03:53 pm - Wed, December 19 2012
Robert Davis said:
Fascinating story, beautiful photography. It would be nice to have a map, since there are several rivers called "Salmon" in Oregon.
04:00 pm - Wed, December 19 2012
Robert, the river in question is this one:,_Oregon)

Hope that clears things up for you.
01:55 pm - Wed, February 20 2013
Ray Heater said:
I grew up along the Salmon River in the 40's & 50's. My brother and I fished and hiked all along this river. I wished I had been with you for this tripI am forwarding this article to my brother who still lives down there.Nice job.Ray of Ray's River Dories (the drift boat builder

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